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Searching for a preschool for your toddler? Seeking out dance classes? Trying to find a summer camp in Skagit County? Researching these types of activities can be frustrating since a lot of this information is by word-of-mouth. Let Kid insider be your complete resource! Find information on every type of school, camp and class for your child right here where you live.

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2018 Camps for Kids in Skagit County


Summer Camps for kids in Skagit County are filling up!

Summer camps, soccer camps, STEM camps, day camps, horse camps and more! If you are searching for a camp for your child please look through the Skagit County Camps Directory. We have included all the camps we could find information on to make it the #1 place to discover camps for kids in Skagit County. We're here to inspire your search with suggestions to help you find great camps for every child.

If you are looking for specific year-round classes make sure you check the Kids Classes Directory in Skagit County

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2018 Academic Camps for Kids in Skagit County

Learning can be fun at an academic summer camp! From learning a new language to learning about different historical time periods you can find the perfect fit for your child who loves to learn new things! Skagit County offers summer camp options that will keep the kids busy all summer long.

Click here for the year-round Skagit County Academic Classes for Kids Directory

Anacortes Chinese School

Foothills Christian School, Mount Vernon

GMK Tutoring Spanish Mini Camps, Mount Vernon

Maison Monet: French Art Camp, Mount Vernon

Skagit Seedlings Growing in the Arts, Mount Vernon

Girls at Young Authors class in Skagit County


2018 Animal & Farm Themed Camps for Kids in Skagit County

If your child loves animals and you are looking for summer camps a horse camp might be the perfect fit! Lang's Horse and Pony Farm in Mount Vernon offers summer day camps and overnight camps. If you are looking for year-round classes with a farm/animal theme, please make sure to check out the Animal & Farm Classes Directory for more options.

Justa Pleasure Farm
, Sedro-Woolley

Lang's Horse and Pony Farm, Mount Vernon

NW Hearts United, Mount Vernon
Girl Riding Horse at Langs Horse and Pony Farm Camp



2018 Arts & Crafts Camps for Kids in Skagit County

There are so many options of arts and crafts camps for kids here in Skagit County! Skagit Seedlings & the Red Barn Art Studio offer a variety of art camps every summer. The Children's Museum has very innovative camp themes and the Parks & Rec Departments & YMCA have week long camps to keep your kids busy this summer! Find the perfect summer camp for your aspiring artist!

Click here for Arts & Crafts Classes that are happening all year long.

Anacortes Parks and Recreation

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Burlington Parks & Rec
, Burlington

Children's Museum of Skagit County
, Burlington

Maison Monet: French Art Camp, Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Parks & Rec
, Mount Vernon

Quilt & Fiber Arts Museum
, La Conner

Red Barn Art Studio
, Bow

Skagit Seedling Growing in the Arts
, Mount Vernon

Tower Arts Studio
, Guemes Island

, Mount Vernon
Girls at Art Camp in Skagit County


2018 Cooking Camps for Kids in Skagit County

Do you have an aspiring chef that would love a culinary summer camp? Cooking camps give kids the love of food, cooking, nutrition, creativity and tools they will use into adulthood. Children love the freedom to create their own food in a safe environment and Skagit County offers several options for camps and classes all year long!

Click here if you're looking for year-round Cooking Classes for kids in Skagit County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Children's Museum of Skagit County, Burlington

Maison Monet: French Art Camp, Mount Vernon

Quaker Cover
, Anacortes

, Mount Vernon


2018 Dance Camps for Kids in Skagit County

Summer dance camps for kids in Skagit County offer many different types of dance including hip hop, ballet, Scottish & Irish dance and more! From toddler to teen camps there is an option for every age.

If you are looking for dance classes in Skagit County there are many offered through the year as well. Click to check out our Dance Classes Directory.

Academy of Dance
, Burlington

Clan Heather Dancers, Mount Vernon

Fidalgo Danceworks
, Anacortes

Ground Zero Gymnastics
, Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Parks and Recreation
, Mount Vernon

Skagit Seedlings Growing in the Arts
, Mount Vernon

Skagit Valley Academy of Dance
, Mount Vernon


2018 Environmental & Outdoor Camps for Kids in Skagit County

If your child loves the outdoors an environmental summer camp would be perfect camp for them. There are environmental science summer camps that include the North Cascade Institute in Diablo or a camp that includes our marine environment such as the Western Washington University Shannon Point Marine Center that will keep the kids intrigued for hours.

Click here for Environmental Classes

Anacortes Parks & Rec

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Burlington Parks & Rec

Friends of the Forest
, Anacortes

Mount Vernon Parks & Rec

Museum of Northwest Art
, La Conner

North Cascades Institute
, Diablo

Quaker Cove
, Anacortes

Skagit Conservation District, Pomona Grange Park

Skagit County Historical Museum

Western Washington University/Shannon Point Marine Center
, Anacortes

Wilderness & Homesteading, Marblemount

Kids in an Outdoor Environment Class in Skagit County


2018 Fitness Camps for Kids in Skagit County

If your child is serious about fitness these camps would be the ones to check into. Fitness camps often include sports like climbing, swimming, creative play, karate, parkour and more! Keeping your child active has never been easier.

Click here for Sports Camps

Click here for Sports Classes

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Ground Zero Gymnastics, Mount Vernon

Mount Baker Gymnastics
, Burlington

Pacific Northwest Martical Arts Academy
, Mount Vernon

Riverstone Climbing Gym
, Burlington

USTA Martial Arts
, Mount Vernon


2018 Day Camps for Kids in Skagit County

If you are looking for a summer day camp in Skagit County the options are limitless. From the local Parks and Recreation camps to Boys and Girls Clubs of Skagit County and the YMCA your kiddo will be busy from morning to evening at a camp near you! The camps listed below have summer day camps appropriate for all ages.

Click here for the year long Multi-Activity Classes Directory.

Anacortes Parks and Recreation

Mt. Baker Council Boy Scouts

Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Burlington Parks and Recreation Summer Day Camp

Camp Fire Samish/Camp Kirby

Children's Museum of Skagit County

Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Mount Vernon Parks & Rec Summer Day Camp

Skagit Seedlings Growing in the Arts
, Mount Vernon

YMCA Camp Anderson

YMCA Kids Summer Day Camp

YMCA Winter Break Camp
, Local Elementary Schools
Girl Scouts in Skagit County


2018 Music Camps for Kids in Skagit County

If your child is passionate about music, opportunites abound for music camps here in Skagit County. Our valley offers several music camps for your young artist to keep music in your child's life over the summer!

Click for Music and Choir Classes

Mount Vernon Parks and Rec
, Mount Vernon

Music Together, Mount Vernon

Peterson Conservatory of Music & Arts, Mount Vernon

Skagit Seedlings Growing in the Arts, Mount Vernon


2018 Summer Camps for Parents & Their Kids (Mommy & Me)

Some of my fondest memories of parenting when I had little ones was participating in music and swim camps during the summer with them. Lang's Horse & Pony Farm offers a Mommy & Me Pony Camp that is sure to create memories for both of you! A parent & child summer camp can be just the thing to guarantee a great afternoon nap too!

Click here if you are looking for year-long parent & child classes.

Anacortes Parks & Rec

Burlington Parks & Rec

Children's Museum of Skagit County
, Burlington

Lang's Horse and Pony Farm
, Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Parks and Rec


2018 Performing Arts Camps for Kids in Skagit County

Performing arts camps are gaining popularity and kids can learn to express themselves artistically in a fun environment. Many performing arts summer camps are offered here in Skagit County and introduce students to a wide range of theatrical skills. If your children are interested in the performing arts you can find theaters and drama classes by clicking those links.

Academy of Dance
, Burlington

Anacortes Community Theatre
, Anacortes

Children's Museum of Skagit County
, Burlington

Meta Performing Arts
, Conway

Skagit Theatre Camp, Mount Vernon

Skagit Valley Academy of Dance
, Mount Vernon

Theater Arts Guild
, Mount Vernon


2018 Preschool Camps for Kids in Skagit County

If you are looking for a preschool camp in Skagit County there are several options. These camps can be used to introduce your child to preschool if they will be attending in the upcoming school year. They are also a great way to keep kids in "school mode" during the summer, so the transition back to school in September isn't as difficult. Preschool camps are also a way for parents to get a little break and some time to get errands done!

If you are looking for a preschool for your child, make sure you check out the Skagit County Preschool Directory.

Bethany Christian Preschool, Mount Vernon

Burlington Little School, Burlington

Small World Child Development
, Mount Vernon

Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool
, Mount Vernon


2018 Science & STEM Camps for Kids in Skagit County

Science & STEM summer camps for kids can include math, science, gaming, engineering, robotics and more technology related subjects. If your child loves to create, build, design and experiment a science camp is a great fit and Skagit County offers a wide range of options for your children. There are also many science and STEM classes offered throughout the school year so visit the Skagit Kid Insider Science & STEM Classes Directory for a complete list.

Children's Museum of Skagit County, Burlington

Skagit Seedlings Growing in the Arts, Mount Vernon

Western Washington University/Shannon Point Marine Center
, Anacortes


2018 Sports Camps for Kids in Skagit County

Skagit County has an abundance of sports camps. Many sports camps are offered as a half day or a full day depending on your childs age. Skagit Kid Insider also has a Youth Sports Team Directory for sports teams here in our county. If you are interested in registering your child for seasonal sports, make sure you check out the directory because sign-up happen MONTHS prior to the actual season beginning.

Anacortes Parks and Recreation, Anacortes

Avalon Junior Golf Camp
, Burlington

Bakerview BMX
, Mount Vernon

Burlington Parks and Recreation
, Burlington

Challenger Soccer

Ground Zero Gymnastics
, Mount Vernon

Kalahi Martial Arts Academy
, Burlington

Lang's Horse and Pony Farm
, Mount Vernon

Mount Baker Gymnastics
, Burlington

Mount Vernon Girls Basketball Club

Mount Vernon Parks and Rec
, Mount Vernon

NBC Basketball Camps
- Mount Vernon

North American Soccer Academy
, Mount Vernon

North Sound Baseball Events
, Mount Vernon

Northwest United FC Soccer
, Skagit Valley

Pacific Northwest Martial Arts Academy
, Mount Vernon

Riverstone Climbing Gym
, Burlington

Skagit Baseball Academy

Skagit County Parks and Rec

Skagit Valley College Basketball Camps, Mount Vernon

Skagit Valley Youth Soccer Association

Vandit Wrestling Academy

, Mount Vernon


2018 Skagit County Vacation Bible School Directory


Vacation Bible School has been a part of many of our children's summer camp experiences. Churches all over Skagit County offer VBS Camps at no charge to local families.

Many of these Vacation Bible School listings link to a Facebook page or event.  Make sure to click "Like", "Interested" or "Going" on those pages to continue to get updates about VBS summer camps that you are interested in.


Foothills-Christian-VBSSponsor600Thank you
Foothills Christian School
Skagit County VBS Directory Sponsor





SHIPWRECKED: Rescued by Jesus

Cascade Christian Church
Sedro-Woolley: FREE
July 23-27
Ages: Kindergarten - 6th grade






GAME ON: Gearing Up for Life's Big Game
First Baptist Church
Clear Lake: FREE
July 30-August 3

Ages: K - 6th Grade








Allen United Methodist Church

August 7-10
w/picnic lunch Friday
Ages: 2-12







AMPED: Live Fully Alive
Bethany Covenant Church
Mount Vernon: FREE
August 7-10
Ages: Entering grades K-5 in 2018






SHIPWRECKED: Rescued by Jesus

The Salvation Army
Anacortes: FREE
July 23-27
Ages: 5 & up
Early Bird Registration Event:







SHIPWRECKED: Rescued by Jesus
North Cascade SDA Church
Burlington: FREE
June 25-29

Online Registration:






The Salvation Army (see detailed info above)

Anacortes Lutheran

First Baptist

St. Mary Parish

Summit Park Bible



Allen United Methodist, Bow (see detailed info above)

North Cascade Children's Ministry (see detailed info above)



First Baptist, Clear Lake (see detailed info above)

Bethany Covenant (see detailed info above)

CTK Skagit

First United Methodist/Mount Vernon Presbyterian

Church of the Nazarene

Citipoint Church

First Baptist Church

Hillcrest Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church



Cascade Christian (see detailed info above)

Bethlehem Lutheran

North Cascades Christian Fellowship

Hamilton First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

Valley Baptist Church


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listing for your church's
Vacation Bible School
please contact Stephanie at
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2018 upgraded
VBS directory listings are $50.

If you do not see your church's VBS
on the list, please use the
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top or bottom of this website.


2018 Spring Break Camps in Skagit County

With Bonus Section on bringing your family to the 2018 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!!




Skagit County has a lot of Spring Break Camps to choose from in 2018! There are several camps that are only 1/2 or one full day and others that span the entire week of Spring Break. Do you know about a Spring Break Camp I missed? Please submit it through the button at the bottom of this page.



Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County, WA

Spring Break Camp

Boys & Girls Clubs in Mount Vernon, Sedro-Woolley, and Anacortes are currently accepting registrations for Spring Break Camp. Registration closes on March 23rd. Spring Break Camps are 7am-6pm (6:30pm at the Sedro-Woolley Club). Registration is available online. Spring Break Camp is currently available to Club members. Waiting listings apply. Non-members (in grade school) may be considered on a case-by-case basis and are directed to contact their corresponding Club. Enrollment for teens (in middle & high school) is open. Teen memberships are $10 annually.

Date: April 2-6, 2018
Ages: 6-18 years
Phone: (360) 419-3723



Burlington Parks & Recreation Department, WA

Experiments in Science

Get slimy, create messy explosions, try not to sneeze as you study static electricity and learn hands-on "egg"xperiments about gravity, air pressure and strength of shape. Participate in multiple experiments followed by interactive discussions on your observations. Fun, hands-on and engaging!

Date: April 3, 2018
Ages: 6-12 years
Phone: 360-755-9649

Babysitting Basics

Kids will learn the basics of babysitting in this one-day class. It's great for confidence building while watching siblings or when babysitting to earn money. The class teaches responsibility and safety. Everyone will earn a certificate upon completion of the class.

Date: April 5, 2018

Ages: 5th-8th grades
Phone: 360-755-9649


 Camp Kirby Spring Break Exploration 1

Camp Fire Samish/Camp Kirby, Bow, WA

Day Away Camp

Come to Camp Kirby for Spring Break and enjoy all the fun of camp in April with our trained and caring staff. Youth in Kindergarten through 8th Grade will participate in energetic activities, explore the fascinating ecosystem of Camp Kirby, and engage in entertaining group dynamics.

Date: April 2-5, 2018
Ages: K-8th grades
Phone: 360-733-5710



Lang's Horse & Pony Farm, Mount Vernon, WA

FULL!! Register for Summer Camp NOW! Morning & All-Day Horse Camp

Upon assessment, your child will be placed in an appropriate skill level riding group. Each child is assigned a pony or horse to work with for the entire week. Campers will help catch, groom, and saddle their camp horse each day. Over the week they will work with their instructor to improve their riding skills through lessons, trail rides, playing games on horseback, and doing mounted drills to music.

Spring Break Camps are full at Lang's and I would highly encourage you to register for Summer Camps now. These are the most popular camps in Skagit County and fill up very quickly!

Date: April 2-6, 2018
Ages: 5-15 years
Phone: (360) 424-7630



Mount Baker Gymnastics, Burlington, WA

Superhero Ninja Parkour Camp

Looking for a fun activity to get the kids active this Spring Break? This camp is perfect for kids who can't stop jumping off the couch, or any kid who's ever seen American Ninja Warrior or a modern Marvel blockbuster and thought, "I want to do that"! They'll learn to run swiftly, jump gracefully, swing smoothly, and flip safely with this fusion of gymnastics, obstacle course and parkour training. This camp is suitable for all ages and abilities and kids can come as they are or wear their favorite ninja or superhero costume.

Date: April 4, 2018
Ages: All
Phone: (360) 757-7565



Pacific Northwest Martial Arts Academy, Mount Vernon, WA

Indoor Parkour Camp

Do you have a child that has lots of energy?  Is your child looking for a fun activity that channels that energy into skills that will help them in everyday life?  At PNMAA we offer Indoor Parkour for kids! Kids will learn Parkour basics such as vaults (Safety, Reverse Safety, Dash, Speed, Tic Tac, Turn, etc.), Parkour rolls, jumping, landing, and obstacle course training in an indoor environment.

Dates: April 2nd-6th
Ages: 7-16 years
Phone: (360) 630-1472


 Skagit-County-Childrens-Museum-Spring-Break-Camps 1

Skagit County Children's Museum, Burlington, WA

1/2 Day & Full Day Spring Break Camps

The Skagit County Children's Museum always delivers when it comes to camps! This year they have several themes for their day camps including Science Explorers, Teddy Bear Picnic, Cooking and more!  Camps run from 10am-Noon and 1pm-3pm with the options of adding before and after care and also the lunch hour = FULL DAY CAMPS.

Dates: April 2nd-6th
Ages:  Any Age
Phone: 360-757-8888



Skagit Seedlings, Mount Vernon, WA

STEAM Spring Break Camp

Skagit Seedlings' Spring Break STEAM camp will have campers exploring the world of Arts, Science and Technology! Campers will spend the mornings doing hands-on arts and craft projects, singing songs, dancing and playing games. In the afternoon, students will get to build WEDO LEGO Robotics, make LEGO stop-motion movies, and participate in LEGO challenges! Supplies and snacks included in the total camp cost. Before & After Camp Hourly Care & Daily Lunch Option Available

Date: April 2-6
Ages: 7-13
Phone: 425-238-6286



Warm Beach Camp, Stanwood

Horse Day Camp

Young riders, ages 8-15, will experience loving and caring for a horse of their own all week while they grow in faith, friendships, and horsemanship skill. Days are filled with riding lessons, trail rides, horse science, learning safe horse handling practices, and the basics of grooming and saddling, in the beautiful setting of Warm Beach Camp. Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) trained staff carefully supervise and direct all of the campers’ activities making it fun and personally enriching for each camper.

Date: April 2-6
Ages: 8-15
Phone: 800-228-6724 ext. 2282





Looking for things to do with your kids over Spring Break?  Skagit Kid Insider is full of ideas for you. Here is just a handful of pages from the website you can check out to help plan your Spring Break week! If you need more ideas, please head over to the Skagit Kid Insider daily calendar of events here:



Indoor Activities for Kids in Skagit County

Raining again? Not to worry! Skagit Kid Insider has a long list of indoor activities that will keep you nice and dry. From indoor play areas and library story times to Skagit County museums and nearby movie theaters. There's something on the list for every family!


C- Users Owner Documents Website Marketing GUIDES Spring-Break Outdoor-Activities-Skagit-County

Outdoor Activities for Kids in Skagit County

Looking for fun outdoor activities for your kids that get the entire family outside for the day? From mountain biking and local hiking trails to taking a short day trip within Skagit County, you are bound to find something that will interest even the most tech-addicted kid! Have an entire day on your hands? Take a short trip to Mt. Baker or the North Cascades National Park for some fresh air.



Pools in Skagit County

Skagit County has several swimming pools to take your kids to. The Skagit Valley Family YMCA and Fidalgo Pool are both open to the public for family swim times.  Riverside Health Club offers a Water Tots class that is open to non-members. Now is a great time to sign your kids up for swimming lessons...summer will be here sooner than you think!




The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is a very exciting time in Skagit County and Spring Break is the perfect time to experience our tulips! I always tell people to head out to the fields mid-week when there isn't as much traffic. I created a Facebook Event called "Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with Kids" and would love to have you join:    I will be posting about the events and activities that make sense for families to go to during the Tulip Festival and encourage everyone to share their tips as well!

Let's answer some of your questions:

What are the dates of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival?

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival runs April 1st - April 30th EVERY YEAR although we cannot control the tulips! The tulips may be blooming earlier or later than planned depending on our Spring weather, so it's always a good idea to check the Bloom Map (linked below) to see exactly what's happening and when the best time is to visit.

Where are the tulips in bloom in Skagit Valley?

You will find the Skagit Valley tulip fields located on the west side of I-5 between Highway 20 heading west out of Burlington ending at the La Conner-Whitney Rd. and then bordered on the south side by Chillberg Rd. There may be a few tulip fields that fall outside of that VERY irregular rectangle.  You can find all of the fields on the Roozengaarde Bloom Map.


Link to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Bloom Map on the Roozengaarde Display Gardens website here:

The famous Roozengaarde Bloom Map is really all you need to lead you to Skagit Valley's tulip fields.  They "light up" the fields that have flowers currently blooming in them by coloring in the flower on the map. You will risk a ticket if you park on the side of the road to take pictures of the tulips and walking in the fields is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! See parking instructions under the Roozengaarde info below.


When is the best time to visit the Tulip Festival with my kids?

My suggestion would be to keep an eye on the Roozengaarde Bloom Map (linked above). If the tulips are blooming early - head out the fields as early as possible! There may not be as many flowers, but there also won't be as many tourists! I think the week of Spring Break is the perfect time to go mid-week. Avoid the weekend crowds and head out for a day of making colorful memories. Take extra clothes and some towels for clean-up, I can guarantee you that the fields will have mud in them and mud is a kid-magnet.  Don't worry about it and just let them have a good time. Pictures of muddy kids make people smile! Keep in mind that fields are not stroller friendly unless you have an ORS (off-road stroller).


How much does it cost to go to the Tulip Festival?

Looking at the tulips is FREE! Bring a picnic from home and stop at Snow Goose Produce on the way out of town for one of their GIANT ice cream cones! Parking in the Roozengaarde field parking lots is $7 and totally worth it because if you park on the side of the road you may get a ticket. If you go into Roozengaarde Display Gardens and pay admission you can use that ticket to park in their lots free.


What will I see at the Roozengaarde Display Garden?

The Roozengaarde Display Garden has gorgeous planned gardens where 100s of photographers take pictures of children and families each year. Their flower varieties are labeled so you'll know which ones are your favorites and you can even pre-order bulbs for the 2019 growing season while you are there. Roozengaarde's hours are 9am-7pm every day in April. Pets are not permitted. Admission is $7 and $6 for military ID.  Children 5 years old and under are free and so is parking. Once you purchase admission you can use their admission ticket to park in any of the parking lots they own near other tulip fields so you can get out of your car to view them on the same day. You can still park in their parking lots even if you did not go to the actual display garden, but the parking fee will be $7.


What can we do at Tulip Town?

Tulip Town is SO MUCH FUN for kids! They have huge fields planted with every color of tulip you can imagine. They also have display gardens that include a windmill that looks like it is straight from the Netherlands (it might be - seems like I heard that somewhere). They also have a large indoor area where you can view the tulips and kids can get their face painted (not free) while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Tulip Town's hours are 9am-5pm every day in April. Pets are not permitted. Admission is $7 and children 6 years old and under are free and so is parking. Tulip Town has a TROLLEY that takes you around the perimeter of their tulip fields. You are seated up above the fields, so you can get great pictures of the tulips.  It's also a good way to go if you want to see all the fields and you have toddlers. The trolley does cost extra - $2adults/$1children and only runs from 10am-4pm weather permitting. There is a huge field available for kite flying, so bring your own or buy one there. LOCALS ONLY NITE is April 11th from 5:30pm-7pm. Locals (all Skagit Valley residents) get in free as a thank you from the DeGoede family. The trolley will be running and it's a really fun event to attend. Get the details here:


These are my picks for the best family-friendly Tulip Festival events and activities the week of Spring Break

These events are happening the first week of April. To find more family-friendly Tulip Festival events and activities you can check the Skagit Kid Insider daily events calendar for the dates you will be heading to the festival here: and you can also join the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with Kids Facebook event to get updates and reminders throughout the month of April here:

Kids Giant Garage Sale: Kids selling to kids - what could be more fun! Bring your kiddos to the Burlington Parks & Rec Department on March 31st between 9am & Noon.

Kiwanis Salmon BBQ: Legendary salmon BBQ and fixings! Happening every day during the Tulip Festival at Hillcrest Park in Mount Vernon from 11am-7pm.

Tulip Run: Beautiful scenery and a fun run for all ages up at the Skagit Regional Airport on April 7th. Free for ages 10 & under without a shirt.

4H Petting Farm: Open every Saturday & Sunday April 7th-29th. Suggested donation of $5/person.


Top 10+ hand-picked family-friendly Tulip Festival events during the month of April!

10th: Community Free Day @ the Children's Museum - Cascade Mall, Burlington

11th: Locals Only Nite - Tulip Town,

14th: Tulip Parade - Downtown La Conner

14th: PACCAR Technical Center Open House - Farm to Market Road, Mount Vernon

14th: WA State Parks Free - Spring Day - Discover Pass not required for parking.

20th-22nd: Tulip Festival Street Fair - Downtown Mount Vernon

21st: Tulip Pedal - La Conner

21st: National Parks Free - 1st day of National Park Week

22nd: WA State Parks Free - Earth Day - Discover Pass not required for parking.

26th-29th: Just Between Friends HUGE Babies & Kids Consignment Sale - Skagit County Fairgrounds, Mount Vernon

29th: Tulip Charm Fairy Party - Cascade Mall, Burlington


I hope this helps you thoroughly take advantage of everything Skagit County has to offer during a Spring Break Staycation! Use #SkagitStaycation for your Instagram pictures so we can all share with each other! ~Stephanie

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