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Looking for fun activities that get the entire family outside for the day? Kid insider is the only local resource for all family oriented outdoor activities in Skagit County.  From biking and hiking to visiting our local farms, you are bound to find something that will interest even the most tech-addicted kid!

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Fishing in Skagit County

Compressed Boy FishingThe Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) website is chock-full of the information you'll need for a day of fishing:

  • The "Fishing" tab includes information on all types of fishing in the state along with regulations, season opening dates, fishing and stocking reports.
  • Click on "Water Access Sites" and choose "Skagit" in the "County" box for a list of all water access sites run by the WDFW in Skagit County. Click on any body of water in the list on the right. You will get a detailed page with a picture of the site and a listing of the types of fish that live there.
  • They also give a link to a Google Map of the location. Once in the Google Map, you can ask for directions from your location to where you are going to fish.
  • Check out the WDFW website for regulations on each lake before you go. Some are fly-fishing and catch-and-release only.


FishWhatcom.com is another fun website for local fishing info.  Don't let the name fool you! It includes Skagit County fishing information also. Fish Whatcom's goal is to provide local fishing related information and guides to places to fish. They also have a "fishing forum" where you can ask questions and post your own fishing reports. That would be a lot of fun for kids to do after a successful day of fishing!

The Fish Whatcom website is straight-forward and easy to navigate:

  • Compressed Kids Fishing in BoatUnder the "Fishing Access" tab, click on "Skagit County" for a list of what is available in our area.
  • They do a very nice job of giving you a detailed report of each water access area including: species of fish you will find, whether or not there is public access and boat launches, fishing regulations and most importantly if there is a bathroom available!


Everyone age 15 and up will need to purchase a fishing license. Fishing licenses can be purchased online or at most local stores that stock fishing gear. There is a list on the WDFW website under the "Licensing and Permits" tab.

Before you go, check to see if you will need a Discover Pass parking permit for vehicle access to Washington State parks and recreation lands. If you have purchased a fishing license, check to see if it came with a Vehicle Access Pass for WDFW lands and water-access sites. If it did, you will not need a Discover Pass. Annual or one-day passes can be purchased online or through a license dealer. If you are a family who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, it makes sense to purchase an annual pass. You will find that you will use it more often than you think.

Fun Fact: The following lakes are stocked with large triploid rainbow trout in April and May: Campbell Lake, Clear Lake, Hart Lake, Lake Erie, Pass Lake, Vogler Lake and Whistle Lake. The trout weigh an average of 1.5 pounds each, and if they were not caught their first season in the lake they can grow to trophy size! The WDFW does this to create lowland lake fishing opportunities.