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Looking for fun activities that get the entire family outside for the day? Kid insider is the only local resource for all family oriented outdoor activities in Skagit County.  From biking and hiking to visiting our local farms, you are bound to find something that will interest even the most tech-addicted kid!

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Hiking in Skagit County

Mother and Child Hiking in Skagit CountyThere are too many opportunities for hiking in Skagit County to list! Hikes from Padilla Bay to Baker Lake await you. Kid insider has compiled a few of our favorite maps and websites below for you to pick and choose what types of hikes are right for your family.

Interested in getting the family outside for a quick hike without having to drive to the mountains? Check out the Skagit County Walking & Trail Guide. This guide includes directions and details about many local walking areas and trails. Numbers on the map correspond to detailed descriptions including degree of difficulty, length, location and a brief description. You can't get more useful than that!

Some additional links to local maps are listed below:

          Close-up map of the Port of Skagit Pathways

          Close-up maps of the trails within Mount Vernon:  Eaglemont
Maddox Creek Trail & Trumpeter Trail

Friends Hiking in Skagit CountyMany other hikes in Skagit County are just a short drive away.  Deception Pass is a beautiful place to hike with the family. There are trails on both sides of the bridge. What a great place to take a picnic and also be able to play in the water after your hike!

For more hikes within a short distance from home, Kid insider loves AllTrails.com!! You can search for trails by location, like your zip code. It also lets you search trails by driving distance, length of trail, and duration of time it would take you to complete. The website has reviews from people like you about each trail. It includes "MapQuest-like" directions to the trailheads. By registering (for free) on the website, you can keep track of your activity on the site. This might include saving your completed trails or leaving reviews about your experiences.

Class Field Trip Hike in Skagit CountyThe Washington Trails Association also has a fantastic website. You can access any number of hikes here, along with actual hiker's feedback. Click on the "Find a Hike" tab and then click on "Hike Finder" from the drop down menu to see a map of Washington, with little hikers positioned on all of the hikes in the state. Zoom into Skagit County on the map or click on "Puget Sounds and Islands" on the right hand side of the page to find hikes nearby.

The 1200+ mile Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail also crosses through Skagit County. You can access the trail north of Concrete near Baker Lake. The trail continues west towards Chuckanut Drive and then south through Edison.  Another trailhead is located off of Barrel Springs Road in the Blanchard Mountain Trail System. From there it continues south to Memorial Hwy and then heads west again to Fidalgo Island/Anacortes, where it crosses the Deception Pass bridge and heads out towards the Olympic Peninsula. At this time the website does not have maps showing directions to the trailheads. For more information on trailhead locations in Skagit County you can call the Pacific Northwest Trail Association directly at (877) 854-9415. The Skagit-Whatcom-Island Trail Maintaining Organization (SWITMO) has great maps on their site.